MultiSpot Technical Information

Technical Information

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Multispot™ wireless access points and MultiSpot Plus™ devices broadcast the name of your hotspot service (SSID).
A wireless user connects to the Multispot™ wireless access point or MultiSpot Plus™ unit with a laptop, smartphone or any other wifi device. Then any connection attempt to a website with their web browser (or attempt to access the desktop on a MultiSpot Plus™ terminal) will be automatically redirected to the 'Welcome' page for your hotspot.

This redirection process is performed by captive portal software which is situated in the MultiSpot™ wireless unit or MultiSpot Plus device.

MANDAC's high availability cluster servers, in Ireland, contain the MultiSpot™ cloud system that authenticates the user and checks that the access policy is met.  If successful, the MultiSpot™ server sends a message back to the access point  or MultiSpot Plus™ unit authorizing access to the internet or desktop, along with the accounting parameters for that user, e.g. remaining access time, and remaining download allowance.

A browser window opens showing the remaining time available to that user. This window must not be closed during the users session. Automatic time-outs are built into the system if there is no activity.

As the system is cloud based, users can login to their account at any MultiSpot™ location.
The customer management system can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

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