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MultiSpotis a cloud-based wireless internet retailing system, which uses low-cost devices that are optimised to enhance the performance of satellite broadband connections.

Benifits of MultiSpot

  • Captive portal wireless hotspot management system
  • Intelligently controlling customer access via authentication, authorisation, and accounting
  • Supports a wide range of languages and currencies
  • Enhances the performance of satellite broadband connections
  • Managed centrally on high-availability servers
  • Allows for compliance with any Data Retention legislation, such as the European Directive 2006/24/EC, by registering customers and logging data usage
MANDAC Multispot

Our MultiSpot smart wireless unit provides everything necessary to retail wireless broadband with no other hardware required and no staff intervention.

It simply plugs into fixed broadband or a satellite terminal and it will distribute wireless access on a pre-pay basis. This can be used for profit generation or for self-funding of development projects.

MultiSpot use in a hotel

It supports a range of languages, currencies and payment options such as credit / debit cards, scratch cards, mobile phone credit, and even cash.

Customers are redirected to a 'Welcome' website where they can login with their own credentials, buy more credit, or set-up a new account if this is their first visit. There is also facility for operators to sell local featured products or services on the left column, right column and bottom of the login screen.

The MultiSpot system collects all statistics relating to internet usage which means that you can sell access on a per time basis, or on a per network throughput basis, or by a mixture of the two. For example, you might want to sell one month's access with a download limit. After one month or after the download limit is reached, whichever comes first, the user will have to buy more credit.the cloud

The database is in the cloud so that if a customer buys credit at one of your hotspots, they can use that credit at any of the other hotspots. The system also produces full sales reports for your admin so there is no credit risk from staff. Everything that has been sold will be matched against cash or other receipts. You can easily manage the system remotely from any location.

It is already in service in locations as far apart as Ireland, Albania, Kenya and Afganistan and is used for a range of applications by many diverse organisations, from large hotel chains to small community groups.

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