Rural Internet Kiosk

MultiSpot Plus

Rural Internet kiosks, powered by Multi-Spot Plus™ units, along with a number of screens, keyboards, and mice are run from batteries charged by solar panels.

Rural Internet Kiosks (RIK) are independent freestanding booths, which are manufactured and assembled in a ‘knock-down’ format, enabling them to be easily transported and set up in even the most rugged regions.
They work on solar power, using satellite connectivity provided by our partners Intersat Africa, along with Mandac's high energy efficient MultiSpot Plus™ PC. They use ruggedized screens, keyboards, mice and up to four desktop and internet sessions are run from the one small MultiSpot Plus™ unit. This also provides wireless hotspot access in the immediate vicinity. All the desktop and internet sessions are managed over the cloud, from anywhere in the world, via the MultiSpot™ system. Mandac can also supply the other required equipment, such as Trojan deep-cycle gel type batteries, chargers and Azur solar panels.

They are designed to provide communities with connectivity to the Internet and thus help bridge the digital divide. In underserved rural areas of many developing countries, the vast majority of individuals do not have access to their own hardware and therefore the best option is to have a community access point through which, for a small fee, people can obtain information.

The Rural Internet Kiosks (RIK) promote entrepreneurship and government electronic service delivery within rural and even urban areas. They also provide a Wi-Fi hotspot and can have mobile phone charging capabilities.
Rural Internet Kiosks (RIK) have been helping farmers to obtain regular weather forecasts and discover which markets can offer better prices for their produce. This has helped them boost income significantly.

Local businesses can also use the kiosks to advertise and operators can sell other services, such as mobile phone credit.


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