MANDAC MultiSpot™ facilitates
internet access for Education


All MultiSpot Plus™ units come pre-loaded with Edubuntu, which includes a number of educational packages for pre-school, primary, secondary, and tertiary students. There is also a suite of educational games.

MANDAC Multispot

Pre-loaded educational softwarelinks to MultiSpot

Each registered user on our Multi-seat Multispot Plus ™ system has access to a wide range of pre-loaded educational software packages for;

• Primary education
• Secondary education
• Tertiary education

The educational software includes applications to assist teachers in the administration of the school, such as a roll-call application.
Service will also be available to wireless connected users.

The adminstrator will be able to manage users' accounts from a secure, on-board website to which only he / she will have access.
Each user will be able to setup an account, quickly and easily, sitting in front of any of the monitors. This account will give access to all of the educational software on the system.

The session time for each individual user can be metered in accordance with local policy. This can ensure that all students get a fair share of session time.
Groups can be setup in advance so that users can be assigned to these groups, such as Students, Teachers, Admin and Visitors. This has the advantage that it allows the freedom to charge visitors, which could make each individual school self-funding.
Optionally, Internet access for students can be restricted to particular times of the day.

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