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Q: Do you supply an internet connection at any site?

A: No, you must have a broadband connection in place with a local Internet Service Provider (ADSL, satellite or any other kind). However, we do partner with satellite companies and may be able to direct you to a supplier if one is required.

Q. How big an area will the MultiSpot™ wireless device cover?

A. It will adequately cover around a 50 meter diameter. This can vary depending upon the type of walls, amount of trees etc. A single MultiSpot™ wireless device will easily cover a cafe or common area. Our units are more powerful than the customer devices (laptops and phones) that connect to them. Therefore, it is only the customer devices that limit the range of the hotspot.

Q: What is needed to set up a MultiSpot™ Wireless HotSpot?

A: A broadband internet connection and at least one of our MultiSpot™ wireless units, which contain special firmware, is all that is required to start offering an internet service. The MultiSpot™ wireless units communicates with our web and radius servers to present your ‘Welcome’ page to your customers and authenticate them on the MultiSpot™ system.

Q: Can MultiSpot™ hotspots be set up in any country?

A: It can be set up anywhere in the world where there is a broadband connection. We supply  the MultiSpot™ wireless units configured for your region. Your administration staff can log in to your MultiSpot™ Control Centre from any location to manage your customers accounts.

Q: Can I trial the system?

A: You can purchase a MultiSpot™ wireless unit on trial. On receipt of a future order for 10 or more units (or 1 MultiSpot Plus™) we will credit the cost of the trial unit.

Q: Can customers log in at multiple locations?

A: Yes, your customers can roam at any MultiSpot™ site (or use any MultiSpot Plus™ site) controlled by you.

Q: Is it possible to offer free internet connection to my customers?

A: You are free to set any price for internet usage. You will still be able to receive full management reports and will comply with any data retention legislation.

Q: Can I re-flash my own wireless router to connect to the MultiSpot™ service?

A: No. To avoid the complications surrounding  re-flashed wireless routers, our policy is to only provide the service through our supplied low-cost MultiSpot™ wireless units.

Q: Can the Login & Welcome pages be customised with my logo and adverts?

A: Yes, you can do this via the administration site.

Q: Can the Login & Welcome pages appear my my local language?

A: Yes, MultiSpot™ handles most languages.

Q: Can I charge users in my local currency?

A: Yes, MultiSpot™ handles most currencies.

Q: Can I see all my customers' registration details?

A: Yes, operators have access to registration information, such as email addresses for marketing purposes.

Q: How many customers can similtaneously connect to a MultiSpot™ hotspot?

A: The MultiSpot™ and MultiSpot Plus™ units can handle 50 concurrent users. However, the quality of browsing experience will depend on the number of users compared with the speed of the internet connection.



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